About Us


Life's a gem, live well. That's our motto at Emerald Living. We strive to create quality products for quality living. That's why our meal prep products keep getting better (and better).


Based on a simple concept of listening to you, our customers, and constantly improving, we want to go where the world of meal prep takes us.

Does this need to be bigger? Smaller? A different colour? A little bit stronger? We hear you - we try and get out of our bubble (bubbles are cosy you know) and reach out to hear what you're saying and ultimately - get you what you want (not in life - just meal prep thanks).


We believe that whoever isn't moving forwards is going backwards. Whether it's new products, new ideas, new trends, new packaging or designs we believe that constant innovation in meal prep is the key to staying at the cusp of what's hot in meal prepping. And that's kinda where we want to be.


We looooove meal prep. That's why we're a meal prep ware company. And food is quite nice too. We love staying up to date with the latest recipes and fresh ideas to help us meal prep. The latest tips to stop our food going soggy and the best ways to keep our food fresh. That's why we tune in to the meal prep world and try to produce and share information, blog posts, pictures, pins & videos about how we can take your meal prep game from ordinary to exceptional (yes exceptional!).


"We love our customers and we will do anything.......yada yada yada". Heard it all before? Yes we know, it's so cliche if we tell you how important you guys are to us. That's why we're telling you how important you guys are to us.

I mean we might as well close down if you didn't keep engaging with us and keep us going. We might as well go home if we can't help you when you don't like an item, or can't replace something when it breaks for you.

So actually, yada yada yada and all that, we really do love you guys. That's why customer service is important to us. So if you need something fixing, don't call a plumber, call us (about your meal prep stuff that is).



VIA EMAIL: support@emeraldlivingmealprep.com


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